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The 2009 Montana Legislature established MTDA as a supplemental online program serving students through their local K-12 public school.  We offer instruction aimed primarily at high school and middle school students to supplement their local school coursework with additional avenues and opportunities through online classes.  We were not funded or designed as a primary avenue for providing a student’s education.

As we are not a school, we do not take enrollments directly from students or their parents.  If you are interested in discussing MTDA enrollment, please contact the counselor at the public school in the community where you live.  This includes homeschool and private school students.  Each district sets its own policies and procedures for enrollment of students in MTDA programs.

If you have additional questions for our team, feel free to contact our offices.

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Student Spotlight

Student Highlights: Nina Sederberg

Student Highlights: Nina Sederberg

Nina took her first MTDA course freshman year of high school. She wanted to do more academically, but the traditional class setting didn’t fully work for her.  At a small ...
Student Highlights: Matthew Phillips

Student Highlights: Matthew Phillips

Matthew graduated from White Sulphur Springs High School, a school with 71 students, this past spring as co-valedictorian with high honors. A previous principal was instrumental in introducing first his ...
Student Highlights: Audrey Oltrogge

Student Highlights: Audrey Oltrogge

Audrey graduated from Stanford High School, a school with an enrollment of 30, in 2019. Her guidance counselor introduced Audrey and many of her classmates to MTDA to expand their academic ...

“My teacher was awesome and she answered me whenever I needed something.” -French I Student

“Thank you to everyone involved for making this possible for me. It was a good experience to take an online class.” – American Government Student

“I love how I can do this online and I can do it wherever I want. I can also work ahead if I am going to miss a day.” – Criminology Student

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